Everything we do has an impact.

We're on a mission to reduce, eliminate, and eventually reverse our impact.

Skincare should be effective and sustainable—and we’d like to partner with you to reuse & recycle our packaging. All Voyager packaging is fully recyclable and can be reusable.

Intitiating Recyling Protocol

01. Separate packaging components

Full size Extremophile Matrix & Dark Side of the Moon: Separate plastic cap and glass jar.

Sample Sizes: Separate aluminum cap & base. (Though we recommend holding on to your sample size jars in case you want to refill them from full size products and bring them on future adventures!)

02. Rinse

Give each piece a quick rinse and make sure that there’s no trace product residue left.

03. Recycle

Full size Extremophile Matrix & Dark Side of the Moon jars: 100% recyclable glass with nontoxic recyclable ink.

Full size Extremophile Matrix & Dark Side of the Moon caps: 100% recyclable plastic.

Sample sizes (jars and caps): 100% recyclable aluminum with 100% recyclable label.

What's next?

As we continue to grow our company and develop our products, sustainability is at the forefront of our planning. In the future, Voyager aims to:

  • Offer refills so customers can reuse packaging endlessly
  • Earn B-Corp Certification
  • Become an 100% carbon neutral company