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Receive a sample size of Dark Side of the Moon and Extremophile Matrix for $1 (includes free shipping)!

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Overnight Retinol Repair Cream

Dark Side of the Moon

Gelled Moisture Protection Serum

Extremophile Matrix

Comprehensive skincare for those who need it most

Daytime hydration paired with overnight repair


Receive a sample size of Dark Side of the Moon and Extremophile Matrix for $1 (includes free shipping)!

Your next adventure, made possible by skingear

Voyager performance skincare is gear. It's protects the ultimate barrier between you and the world – your skin.

Retinol Repair

Heal damaged skin

Looking for a comprehensive solution to damaged, dry, cracked, and tired skin? 

Developed for high performance skin in need of high performance repair, Dark Side of the Moon is a multidimensional overnight repair cream designed to target the 9 mechanisms of skin repair.

Peptide Hydration

Protect skin with a hydration seal

Did you know that dehydration is the most common cause of irritated, dull, and aged skin? 

Discover the ultimate all-day, all-condition hydration solution that works inside to deliver hydration and outside to prevent hydration loss.

Protect and Repair

Looking for a complete solution to damaged and dry skin?

Experience a duo of scientifically backed crème-de-la-crème of Voyager formulations: a potent retinol repair cream paired with the ultimate hydration protecting serum. Never has comprehensive skincare been so simple. 

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Receive a sample size of Dark Side of the Moon and Extremophile Matrix for $1 (includes free shipping)!

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Patty, Boulder CO

Insane hydration

I can't say enough about Extremophile Matrix! I put it on my face, feet, and hands every single day and my skin has never felt more smooth and moist. I have tried every treatment under the sun for dry skin. Nothing worked until I found Extremophile Matrix. A little goes a long way! I will forever be a customer.

Jodie, New York NY

The hype is real. The glow is even better.

Woah. I had no clue how much glow was possible with Extremophile Matrix. I put on a thin layer before heading out on a brisk walk every morning and get compliments on my glow all day thereafter. I've only used Dark Side of the Moon on my hands so far (I'm currently using a different retinol on my face) but can honestly say it's better than creams that are 2x more expensive. My skin feels smooth and soft for hours.

Alexander, Providence RI

Very impressed with retinol cream!

Dark Side of the Moon is the BEST cream you'll ever buy. My skin heals from biking in cold weather so much faster and I love how gentle the retinol is. I've already seen less dryness. I put it on before I go to bed and my skin feels soft and smooth the next morning. And it smells so good!

Sam, Los Angeles CA

All products are gold

My skin has never been happier since starting Voyager products. Dark Side of the Moon is so healing and Extremophile Matrix allows me to spend the day in dry office air without painful dryness. These products are the greatest ones out there and I recommend them to everyone.

Graham, Grantham NH

Skincare convert with Voyager

I'll keep it simple: I don't really do skincare, but Voyager has changed things for me. It's damn good stuff and it works.

James, Des Moines IA


I've been trying a lot of skincare products recently to heal some eczema that I seemed to acquire in the fall. Nothing has worked as well as using Dark Side of the Moon religiously before bed and Extremophile Matrix in the morning. My eczema seems to have gone away, but I'm continuing to use the products because they make my skin look even better than it did before I got eczema!


Receive a sample size of Dark Side of the Moon and Extremophile Matrix for $1 (includes free shipping)!

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