Chlamydomonas Acidophila Extract

Chlamydomonas Acidophila Extract
  • Using a human reconstructed skin surface, the active reduced key markers of inflammation (TNFa and PGE2) by 35% and 75% respectively after applied chemical stressors. The active protects the skin from overreacting to chemical stress.
  • When an allergen is applied to a sample of blood, the active reduced basophil activation (a form of white blood cell that tells the body when an allergen is present and activates the immune system) by 22% and IL8 (a protein involved in inflammation) by 63%. The active limits skin reaction to sensitizers and allergens.
  • In a double blind randomized study of 19 women (ages 18-60) applied the active to their skin twice a day for two weeks. After two weeks of treatment, the active resulted in an 11% reduction in redness 20 minutes after skin aggravation. The active protects against inflammation and continues to reduce visible effects thereafter.
A double blind randomized study of 36 participants with sensitive skin was conducted where each participant placed the active on half of their face and a placebo on the other half. The following results were observed:
  • 17% reduction in skin redness
  • 18% increase in natural moisturizing factors
  • 7% increase in skin hydration
  • 6% reduction in transepidermal water loss
  • 10% increase in involucrin (a naturally occurring protein that helps skin cells develop)


  • Data approved for release by Laboratoires Expanscience, 1 Place des Saisens, Paris, France.

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