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The place where we push the boundaries of science to create new formulations for you.

Science matters

We gather the best technologies, explorers, and ingredients. We then use science to put them together.

The cornerstone of science is the pursuit of truth. We pursue the truth of optimal skin health and longevity with integrity and passion.

We seek to find ways to help you support, repair, and protect the ultimate barrier between you and the world: your skin. When you use Voyager, you get clinically demonstrated actives that are synergistically paired with complementary ingredients, formulas that are safe for you and the environment, and performance that enables adventures in any setting or environment.

You matter

Become a skin scientist and understand the research behind ingredients.

Science and engineering are the propellant of the in-house Voyager formulary. We share current state-of-the-art evidence grading of our ingredients using the Voyager Evidence Quality model.

Our team of scientists consults the scientific literature to evaluate the quality of evidence for any given ingredient and/or claim and then assigns a rating based on the current science.

Quality 1 // Primary

Skin model evidence

Skin models are recreated structures of the skin that can be used to test systematic performance of an ingredient. There are two types: ex-vivo (inside an organism such as a fish) and in-vitro* (outside of an organism).

Skin model evidence can suggest multifunctional properties of an ingredient and demonstrate greater efficacy than a culture.

*Voyager does not participate nor condone animal studies.

Quality 2 // Exceptional

Established evidence of efficacy in human skin

Study design is paramount to the quality of evidence. Established evidence is demonstrated with exceptional study design that often involves placebo control. Placebo control compares the effects of the ingredient with and without its presence.

Often participants in the trial are blinded so that they don't know if they're receiving the ingredient or the placebo. This helps reduce bias in the trial.

Results of trials of ORBIT quality are often published in scientific journals such as the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Quality 3 // Extraordinary

Evidence of efficacy in Voyager product as sold

The gold standard of an ingredient is demonstrated efficacy in the product as sold. The composition of every product is different. Other ingredients in the product may improve or reduce efficacy of the ingredient being studied.

For example: the presence of phospholipids in Dark Side of the Moon help to increase the penetration of fat soluble antioxidants resveratrol and ubiquinone (CoQ10). The efficacy of these ingredients is increased in the formula compared to the same concentration applied without phospholipids.

Studies of complete products are arduous, but the best way to demonstrate that the ingredients in the product actually work in the product.


Ingredients in the Voyager Lab Research Database


Concerning Ingredients Eliminated


Intentional Formulation

Transparent formulation that's free from 2700+ concerning ingredients

Ingredients Matter

We don't believe in the phrase "clean beauty." It's a marketing term that many brands use to propagate fear around vilinized materials. Instead, we operate from a stance of consistent questioning of the efficacy and safety of every single ingredient we use. 

Our scientists have extensively evaluated scientific literature and industry publications to create a collection of ingredients that we don't use in our products.

This list is frequently updated.